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If you are reading this because you have a young child then we would love to celebrate the birth/adoption and your family life; do contact our Rector, Rev Paul Parks, for details on 01424 752051.

As part of the Church of England we believe it is right to baptise the children of a believing parent or parents (often known as christening). But many parents are not ready for the level of commitment that service requires. At St Helen’s we also offer a Service of Thanksgiving and Blessing for the birth of a child, which is simply a celebration with no commitments to faith or church.

It is always a joy to take a Wedding service in our Churches, but we are only permitted at present to take a service for couples where one or both lives in our parish or worships regularly with us or has a ‘qualifying connection’.  Please contact the parish office ( for more information about a ‘qualifying connection’. 

We also offer Wedding Blessings and services of Thanksgiving for a marriage on, for example, a special anniversary, which can include a renewal of wedding vows. 

To enquire further
Please call the parish office on 01424 754290 (Mon, Weds and Thurs mornings only) or  Rev Paul Parks on 01424 752051 (Rest day Friday). 

The Service
We are happy take a funeral either at one of our churches or at the nearby Cemetery Chapel, but there would usually be some connection with this church, e.g. that the deceased or their family lived nearby. We usually use the standard service, but tailor it to the needs of the family. Music can be included as well as suitable readings if you wish. Do contact us through a Funeral Director or on 01424 752051 (Rev Paul Parks), even if someone else will be taking the service.

Our Policy
The Christian funeral service includes a celebration of the life of the deceased and an opportunity to say farewell, in the context of the hope that comes in knowing Jesus Christ who has conquered death. We will aim to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of the mourners.

We always seek to visit or phone the family beforehand to arrange all the details and offer prayerful comfort, and we can also offer bereavement support.

There is a small charge for funerals (except in circumstances of financial need), and if required, you would need also to pay for an organist.

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