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This lively family of Christians in north-east Hastings aims to serve the town and the world in the name of Jesus.

Our Mission Statement is “Our vision is to be a healing community, loving like Jesus, growing His Kingdom in our families, church life, town, nation and world.”

The life of the 2 congregations, St Helen’s and St Barnabas, and the work of the Parish, are overseen by an Eldership team and our elected PCC. We belong to the Anglican Diocese of Chichester.


ADMINISTRATOR Telephone 01424 754290
Office open 9.00am-12.30pm Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.

We worship the living God of the Bible, revealed in Jesus Christ (who died and rose again for us) active among us now by the Holy Spirit. We pray you also meet the true God here. We would be privileged to help you in any way and to try to answer any questions you have.


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